What’s the English Equivalent to the Korean phrase “멋있어” or “멋있다” (romanized as “muh-shee-ssuh” or “muh-shee-dah”)

The Korean phrase “멋있어” means “chivalrous” in English The Korean word 멋있어 (romanized as “muh-shee-ssuh”) can exude many other concepts including: debonair, courageous or valorous.  There could be arguments that it means charming, suave or even heroic.  However, as many words are defined or received in terms of meaning, it can depend on so many factors including who is defining it or …

3 Best (& Funniest) Ivy League Commencement Speeches for graduates disappointed by Corona

If you haven’t seen these speeches, you should.  And I would advise you listen to them more than once.  I have. Not only do these 3 comedians share some of their “best stuff,” but I’d argue #2 gives you her “best stuff” which isn’t necessarily the most humorous.   I was touched by her “real advice” …


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FYI, but my digital successes along with my educational ones are profiled here in my Quora bio. I’ve also accomplished a few more things in a longer list here.  In it, you’ll see how much I’ve contributed to the success of many of our future leaders.  It’s always touched my heart to help the youth in society.

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