Top 10 Stupid Things said by Trump During the Coronavirus Crisis

The MOST Stupid Presidential Quotes during a Pandemic #10: March 10: “We need the Wall more than ever!” #9: March 13: “I don’t take responsibility at all.” #8: March 19: “It could have been stopped, could have been stopped pretty easily if we had known, if everybody had known about it… Nobody knew there’d be …


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Highly Effective Entrepreneur & Executive: Brandon Na has successfully grown two businesses in real estate and digital marketing to strong profitability & is about to create one of the most transformational startups in our lifetime. On top of this all, he’s navigated the waters of digital marketing & education to build one of the most colorful and successful careers in both.

The two businesses profited in the six figures within one year; both were (& one still is) leaders in both Bellevue and Seattle. The latter still remains at the top for the most competitive phrases in local search marketing. As the second in charge, grew a chain of cram schools in Busan from 5 to 16 different locations, ~20 instructors to more than 140+ and from approximately 500 students to 7000 in less than 3 years. Helped several companies sell from $30mm to as much as $500 million through ELT representation and digital marketing efforts. And has a track record of turning almost anything ventured into “gold” with the results. Look forward to helping or launching the next great thing.

And Brandon’s digital successes along with his educational ones are profiled here in his Quora bio. He’s also accomplished a few more things in a longer list here.

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