2017 Father’s Day Brunch at Chambers Bay Golf in Tacoma


Father’s Day Brunch @ Chambers Bay2017 fathers day brunch chambers bay

*Skip to the bottom, if you’re looking for the link to the page on where to reserve for your fathers day brunch.  

If you’re like me, I had a heck of a time trying to find where to reserve for Father’s Day Brunch at Chambers Bay Grill this year (2017).  When I searched for phrases like “fathers day chambers bay 2017” or “fathers day brunch chambers bay,” I would get links to the Grill or how to reserve tee times for the infamous local golf course.  I even found a link to their facebook page for fathers day brunch in 2014.

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College Admissions & Boarding School Admissions Results 2017

This past year, I hung up my hat with helping kids with college and boarding school admissions.  While I can’t say I’m completely done in helping future students get into the schools of their dreams, I migrated back to the field which I feel comfortable with while taking care of the boys.

However, while focusing on SEO & SEM for the past 3 months, I’ve been hearing from past students receiving word of their acceptances.  Honestly, it just feels good to hear them have great options to take here this fall.

College Admissions Results

Some of them include:

UCLA seal

My most recent news from a student who tried to call me multiple times in the wee hours of the morning because he got into the #2 Psychology program in the U.S.  John will be attending UCLA in the fall and joining their department of Psychology.

carnegie mellon

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The Perfect Bio for Brandon Na

 Over the years, I’ve been asked to present myself in the best way possible for my companies to leverage my experience and expertise in the various areas I’ve excelled at.  Sometimes it’s hard “wording” (or articulating) how you want to present yourselves.  So, I decided to share some of the examples I’ve written for any modeling you might want to use in your budding careers.  

My first draft: 

Digital Marketing Bio v1:


Always focusing on “marketing efficacy,” Brandon has helped companies sell from $50 million USD to as high as $500 million USD through search marketing and other digital solutions.  He has helped simplify what Sergei Brin and Larry Page original designed in the late ’90s to now what has become the most ubiquitous tool in connecting consumers and businesses.  Prior to Zuckerberg’s social network dominating the world, Brandon had envisioned and mapped out the social sphere and like the many technologies he’s been keeping up with since ’93, he stays on top of every potential lever possible to drive businesses forward.

Brandon’s expertise spans across multiple digital disciplines inclusive of: Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Website Analytics, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Continue reading

What do you call someone who’s a waste of time?

Another great question from my student: “What do you call someone who’s a waste of time?”  He was asking in reference to understanding what students are called when they are lazy or basically the opposite of what most parents want.


Here are a few…

Reverse Dictionary for “Someone Who’s a Waste of Time”

“Deadbeat” comes to mind and feels the best. Continue reading

SAT vs ACT – The Keywords Story

This past year, we saw a huge shift in interest for the college entrance exam, the SAT.  The once default test most juniors in high school would take no longer was popular – at least jot as popular as the ACT.

In 2011, the ACT for the first time had more test takers than the SAT and it has only grown since.  The numbers for this past school year will be released after the last exams are taken in June. However, I expect the Gao to be the largest ever.

Well, the search numbers also reflect this change:

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The Top Scholar’s Cup Coach in Hong Kong? In the World?

I’ve had the sincere pleasure of coaching around 50 students the past 2+ years in the World Scholar’s Cup from Shanghai to Hong Kong.  After attending the Hong Kong Round here at Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School, I was reminded that my students perform quite well and I decided to do a little research and reflecting on how well.

For the quick and very brief summary of the top results over the years, feel free to click here.  

Here’s a summary:

2013 WSC Tournament of Champions Results at Yale University

World Scholars Cup TOC Champions 2013

 Get your clicker scholars (or wannabe’s) and choose one of the following:

I was grabbing lunch at Element Fresh in Shanghai when my girls called me from New Haven, CT in the fall of 2013.  I couldn’t attend the event because I was teaching about 140+ hours a month for New Pathway at the time.  Nevertheless, when they called, I was:

  1. Surprised to hear from them?
  2. Even more blown away at how well they did?
  3. Tearing up at how proud I was for their incredible performances (very likely)
  4. All of the above?
  5. Basically all of the above, but having different levels of true happiness or surprise since I knew they were amazing, but had no idea they would literally all dominate the competition despite being from the same school and competing against so many other very talented kids in the world.   This was the Tournament of Champions at Yale University and these were kids from the top private schools in the world!

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Top World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) Coach (In Brief) – Results

IMG_7487Is this Pwaassible?

Unfortunately, for you short on time, you need a quick glance at things to learn.  As you saw in the more detailed post about whether or not I should be considered one of the top debate coaches in the world for possibly the best academic competition in the world, it is long.  So, for you busy, busy people, here is a list of the top results from my kids who’ve competed under my guidance.


Top World Scholar’s Cup Results by Brandon Na’s Students

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