Conference Networking: More Bang for your Buck

wordcamp-seattle-2011You wouldn’t believe how exhausted I am here sitting through frankly, one too many presentations this past week.  The speaker isn’t horrible and actually even got me to chuckle here and there, but I’m tired.  However, inside, I’m thinking I got not only my $30 back that I paid for this WordPress Camp, but I connected with possibly some of the most valuable personalities I’ve met all year long.

Frankly, the receivables for my business are not high despite the inquiries being very, very frequent.   I’m comfortable with future billing months, but the point is that I’m not currently rolling in it.  However, I get a request for my Search Engine Marketing services or my speaking services on SEO almost every day.  I have a Radio show on SEO on Toginet.  However, I still am growing Ethicus Group and looking for great strategic partners and like I said, I wouldn’t mind more billables.  And at this great mini-conference on the default and most ubiquitous content management solution in the world, a great friend Josh introduced me some incredible people AND I just by chance met some fascinating people.  

Andrew Acomb was an amazing guy I met.   He has a lot of great sites that I’ll soon find out what each url is I’m sure, but he’s from upstate New York where I’ve met a lot of great people I’ve met in the past.  He has two engineering degrees: nuclear engineering and engineering physics.  He has some great sites that would kick the Audobon Society’s websites from here to Brooklyn.

I have a handful of other biz cards and met some amazing people who I know will get in touch if it was meant to be.  The point is that I seriously met some great people who may not only be a huge part of my business moving forward, but I feel I will be a great part of theirs.

Some SEO conferences are way over priced, but some are not like this one.  And when you can go to a very focused event with people who may be potential  great partners, I highly recommend them.  You know all the different events and study them all.  I can almost guarantee I will most likely produce thousands of dollars in billable invoices and forge amazing partnerships because I sacrificed my sleep for one more great networking event this week.

p.s. I slept 3 hours last night because I was so busy trying to build out a great powerpoint presentation for future investors of Ethicus Group.

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