Loquacious: Sentence Examples, Definition & Synonyms

Sentence Examples for “Loquacious”

Examples from the News for “Loquacious”

At turns jocular and loquacious, he discussed hiring a top editor and stressed the importance of editorial independence and tolerance.

Source: New York Times, Apr 12, 2018

That left six who were keen to talk, some of them very keen, so much so that it required all my powers of diplomacy to extract myself from their loquacious company.

Source: The Guardian, Mar 3, 2018

Examples from Business for “Loquacious”

Lynch will not be accused of being loquacious.

Source: Forbes, Jan 30, 2015

He won a reputation as loquacious and assertive, twisting arms for the more reticent Mr. Dorgan and wearing down interlocutors in long negotiations.

Source: New York Times, May 30, 2012

Examples from Science and Medicine for “Loquacious”

The car, named Seven — the ebullient and loquacious Mr. Smith said the reference was to “seventh time’s a charm” — is well beyond a science-fair project.

Source: New York Times, Dec 20, 2013

The cosmos has never been particularly loquacious with its intentions, often requiring Brobdingnagian-sized ventures—from particle accelerators and space telescopes to genome and connectome projects—to tease out its deepest secrets.

Source: Scientific American, October 1, 2016

Definition of “Loquacious”

adj: full of trivial conversation

Synonyms for “Loquacious”

  • chatty
  • garrulous
  • long-winded
  • voluble
  • babbling
  • chattering
  • fluent
  • gabby
  • gossipy
  • jabbering
  • loose-lipped
  • motormouth
  • multiloquent
  • prolix
  • verbose
  • wordy
  • yacking