Mercurial: Sentence Examples, Definition & Synonyms

Sentence Examples for “Mercurial”

Examples from the News for “Mercurial”

“Deep, discipline-focused learning is simply a different goal than being adequately skilled to serve mercurial employers.”

Source: New York Times, May 25, 2018

Impatience drives his best work; the mind that enters ours when we read him is mercurial, impassioned, indignant, hilarious, voluble and always interesting.

Source: The Guardian, May 25, 2018

Examples from Business for “Mercurial”

The mercurial player said he is equipped to deal with it.

Source: Reuters, Jun 2, 2018

The chaos is partly the consequence of President Donald Trump’s mercurialtemperament, and the fact that he is served by advisers who disagree with each other.

Source: Economist, May 30, 2018

Examples from Science and Medicine for “Mercurial”

Biological bet-hedging provides a population with a range of behaviors, some of which might cope better with mercurial conditions.

Source: Scientific American, May 31, 2015

The patriarchal system was—and in some cultures still is—based on the premise that women are more mercurial, less deliberative and physically less sturdy than men.

Source: Time, May 8, 2016

Definition of “Mercurial”

adj: liable to sudden unpredictable change


adj: relating to or containing or caused by mercury

Synonyms for “Mercurial” 

  • flighty
  • temperamental
  • changeable
  • effervescent
  • erratic
  • impulsive
  • resilient
  • unpredictable
  • volatile
  • blowing hot and cold
  • bubbleheaded
  • buoyant
  • capricious
  • elastic
  • expansive
  • fickle
  • flaky
  • flip
  • fluctuating
  • gaga
  • inconstant
  • irregular
  • irrepressible
  • lighthearted
  • lively
  • lubricious
  • mad
  • mobile
  • movable
  • quicksilver
  • short-fuse
  • spirted
  • sprightly
  • ticklish
  • unstable
  • up-and-down
  • variable
  • yo-yo