Prostate Cancer Support Groups in Seattle and More

Last night, I had one of the most wonderful experiences with a lovely couple who I met a couple years before.  These two were not only so enjoyable to hang out with the time before, but they absolutely blew me away last night giving me some incredible advice about the husband’s prostate cancer — which I had not learned about on the previous visit.

However, I also had not been diagnosed with “nodules” on my own prostate until most recently after deciding I would get things “checked out” and get my health in order for the first time (possibly  in my life).  So, it wouldn’t have even made sense to bring up that topic until this most recent event.

These two were absolutely amazing.  They intently listened to everything and are as hip as you can be.  You can even tell how supportive and kind they are with their small, but oh so meaningful footprints online.  It’s no wonder given they were two fantastic teachers in their earlier lives and are related to my friend who happens to be one of the coolest cats in the world.  While we intended to stay just for a few minutes because it was already late, it turned into much longer plus my buddy showing me how to avoid getting sick with a new treatment I may be using moving forward — despite the chances I’ll my poison myself with this remedy.  Haha!

Since I have to get to my day, let me share at least what I learned even if it’s already publicly available:

Best Prostate Doctor(s) in Seattle

According to this hip, smart and experienced couple, they recommend either:

Dr. William J Ellis – 35 years in practice

Urologist, UW Medicine & SCCA 


Dr. John Carman


Virginia Mason

Bellevue Area Prostate Support Group

You’ll be able to find this information on their site, but just in case, I’m providing the info here to be handy if you tripped over this while trying to find a group like this in the Bellevue, WA area:

The Bellevue UsTOO was formed in 2014. The group promotes Prostate Cancer Education, Support and Advocacy.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month. (No December meeting)

Meetings begin 6:00 PM

The meeting is devoted to interactive discussion among attendees to share information and ask questions. Additionally, healthcare professionals are often invited to speak to the group about their particular area of expertise. Meetings provide a non threatening environment for newly diagnosed as well as those with recurring disease to openly discuss their concerns. Family members, friends and medical professionals are welcome. Wives and significant others are especially encouraged to attend. There are dozens of men and their caregivers in the greater Bellevue area who are ready to hear your story, share their experiences, and lend a helping hand.

Facilitated by: Richard Swanson, DDS – survivor

Affiliation: UsTOO

Meeting Information:

13218 NE 20th Street
Bellevue, WA 98005

Date:  3rd Monday of each month

Time:  7:00pm -8:00pm

Download Current Flyer:  Go to their website

Olympia/Thurston County Prostate Cancer Support Group

Olympia Prostate Cancer Warriors


The Olympia US/TOO Prostate Cancer Support Group meets at Providence St Peters Hospital in Olympia,WA the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7PM-8:30PM. Our mission is to help men and their families make informed decisions about prostate cancer detection and treatment through support, education and advocacy. Our meetings are free and open to family, friends and health professionals. We are their to hear your story, share our experiences and lend encouragement.


As I dive into more search queries, I’m learning there are some incredible resources out there for prostate cancer — early detection or late.

Regardless of what happens here in the near future with my visits this week and soon after, I’m so touched at how wonderful people are.  Thank you Mary and Paul.  You are angels!