What are your favourite K-pop songs of 2020 so far?

Updated: 6/30/2020

I’ve been enjoying three less than upbeat songs lately with Taeyeon’s “Happy” being the most:

The first is this song from a surprisingly compelling Kdrama titled “Itaewon Class.”  The show wasn’t your typical Korean production.  It even captured some of the best ratings in recent memory — I’d argue a strong OST helps.

Taeyeon is finally coming into her own (imho).  And her latest song hits on every cylinder for me:

While I don’t really enjoy all of Minseo’s other songs, her “No Good Girl” strikes the “chords” for me:

A while ago when I did put this together in the earlier part of the year (before Covid), I said these were my favorite at the time:

Itzy just jump up the charts for me (back in March):

This is my newest favorite (for now):

It’s interesting because I tend to like the girl bands minus BTS, Monsta X & ONF.

This is my 2nd favorite (that I almost forgot) — not just because my son is an up and comer here, but because the song just does a lot for me:

*also, I know it was released in November 2019, but it hasn’t fallen off for me (yet) and it’s new enough to be added on this list despite it saying “2020.” I hope you just want “new.”

I almost pointed this out as my 2nd favorite, but remembered the AOA song.

It’s upbeat and starts off strong. There are some minor things that bug me, but not enough to not put it as my 2nd favorite here in 2020. And yes, just like Ateez, it’s a 2020 song/video.

Even though, it came out late last year (Dec 23rd), I can’t stop listening/watching:

It does something for all my senses. I have been listening it too much. So, it is starting to become less interesting to me.

At first, this was a bit catchy:

This almost became a “like” because of the beginning, but as I started listening to it, it turned me off:

There are parts of this I like:

Since I’m adding late 2019 additions, this might deserve visibility:

And some other favorites in case you want more ideas to add to your plalist:
Around ~1:00, you’ll love the beat…

This should wake you up in more ways than one:

Very unique and special – check it out:

This makes me wanna dance!