Who is Brandon Na?

What does it mean to be “Brandon” Na?  

What 20+ years does to B. Na


On my 4.8 kilometers jog on a clear sky day through the Issaquah Highlands, I realized how I could answer this question that many have asked and more importantly, I have asked myself.  
Think of a kinder, possibly more prolix (my 9th grade grammar teacher Mrs. Low would tell me this is redundant btw) & a less intelligent “Steve Jobs.”  Sure, some have pointed out I might not be that much less able than the pioneering tech leader of our generation, but I didn’t build the most iconic communication device in recent memory — at least, not yet. 


OK, maybe I might not be that much kinder, but since I was a kid, I’ve always answered a cliche most teachers or adults had asked in the same way.  “What do you want to do when you grow up?”  My asian peers would feel pressured to answer “doctor” or “lawyer” and my whitey friends would talk about being a “movie star” or a famous “athlete.”  Me?  I said, “I want to make people smile.”  Yup, I want to be the person that everyone can look at to make them laugh, smile or feel something warm b/c I had just the right words to say.  All my life, I’ve been focused on trying to be the 미소왕 (aka “Smile King” in Hangul [Korean Alphabetic Writing System], not the “Tiger King” – just sayin).  


Prolix.  I’m definitely verbose.  (Maybe even redundant?)  – at least to the average human that can be argued as having the attention span of a guppy, I “say too much.”  Even the smartest in society have “no time” or are “too selfish” (don’t blame them though because our society’s paradigm is about being focused on the self).  So, whenever I write an email with significant detail or explain some point with tons of supporting evidence, it always feels like I’ve shared “too much.”  I’ve been working on being more concise for a very long time.  I haven’t refined my speech so that I can “move the world” with just a few words — yet.  
To be frank, I actually know how to be completely efficient with my rhetoric, but I find that  people who truly matter in society actually read through the detail.  They appreciate it.  I call them “good peoples” and these are the select people in society that actually take the time to understand and find meaning out of everything.  These are the people I live for.  These are the people I WiL die for.  


Intelligent?  My IQ is 248 supposedly — according to some arbitrary online test.  However, my racist 1st, 3rd, 5th and a handful of other dogmatic “teachers” in my life didn’t give me much credit.  They would try and break me down, sometimes use violence (swats in 1st & 5th grade btw) to make their point and even mislead me due to their insecurity.  It didn’t matter because I was resilient.  I wasn’t backing down to the covid-(19)77, covid-79 and covid-81 and all the educational strains that could have killed my spirit (and my mind).

Instead, I asked.  I continued to ask.  I searched.  I digged and I found the answer to anything I was curious about.  And I became proficient at whatever I needed to gain at the time.  However, I didn’t realize it until much later that I succeeded minus the smattering of awards, trophies and grades that got me into our local version of UC Berkeley (btw, I didn’t ultimately choose to go there.  I decided to go to the “Williams College” of the local area in my my mind b/c I was accepted into a program that would allow me to double major & obtain an undergraduate “MBA” which I ended up failing to complete by a few credits; I caught a strain of e-coli in my senior year — Really. I wanted to die.).  



Oh, I forgot, but I should add a 4th point that doesn’t help this tricolon: I’m Korean


Last “night” I woke up at 1:36.  “Night”, I said.  Yah, that was friggin A.M.  It happened again the night after.  I slept literally 2-3 hours before I woke up. 
For years, I would watch my dad sleep 3-4 hours a night (like Benjamin Franklin, one of our greatest minds in history).  I thought 아빠  was nuts.  Actually, the fact he took a gun out of a robber’s hand who pointed it at him is when I TRULY thought he was crazy.  And then he did it a second time.  I decided from that point on he was a Grade “AAA” whacko
However, instead of truly being mentally insane, I realized my true life “hero” represented what many Koreans do: we’re one of the hardest working diasporas in the world.  When our minds are focused on something, you can’t stop us from doing absolutely anything.  It’s why I wrote this little piece in a popular reference & social site.  As a result, I have the work ethic of one of the most irrepressible races in the world and in particular NOW, since I  understand it, I’m also damn proud of it.  
Let me take the original claim back:  I’m not similar to Steve Jobs…
As a friend tried to say to me recently as well, “you’re no Elon Musk.”  I was telling him that I can juggle just as many projects, if not more and I will be more successful than even him (as a joke to be extreme).  
I added “Yah.  Elon Musk is NO Brandon Na.”  
Cocky?  Yup.  True.  WE WiL SEE.
However, it didn’t happen overnight and if you want to know how it did happen, you’re going to have to stay tuned. 


I’m going to show all of you, how to build the “perfect startup”in the following posts (or chapters if this turns into a book).