Laconic: Sentence Examples, Definition & Synonyms


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Wish Trump was less moronic, and more laconic.

Source: New York Times, Apr 9, 2018

At one point during the meeting, Miller heavily criticized Tillerson, drawing a rare rebuke from the laconic secretary of state, who said he deserved respect.

Source: Washington Post May 23, 2018

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The Top Universities of the World – Updated 2017


Updated: 5/2018

For over 20+ years, I’ve analyzed the many lists and surveys* about the Top Universities in the United States (and quite possibly the “World”).

And in the earlier part of this decade, I wrote one of the most comprehensive posts (on two former employer site’s) examining all the different ranking systems and analyzed how we can determine the answer to the question:

What are the top universities in our world? 

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