What’s the English Equivalent to the Korean phrase “멋있어” or “멋있다” (romanized as “muh-shee-ssuh” or “muh-shee-dah”)

The Korean phrase “멋있어” means “chivalrous” in English The Korean word 멋있어 (romanized as “muh-shee-ssuh”) can exude many other concepts including: debonair, courageous or valorous.  There could be arguments that it means charming, suave or even heroic.  However, as many words are defined or received in terms of meaning, it can depend on so many factors including who is defining it or …

Omicron & Where the Financial Markets are Trending

2nd Crypto Crash of 2021 Friday marked one of the bigger corrections in the crypto market and everyone is trying to understand why?  There are many theories including larger easy to blame reasons like: Omicron’s recent discovery and fear of unknown impact The Fed’s potential clamping down of our runaway growth (i.e., inflation & jobs) …


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Numbers mean a lot to people.  At one point in my life (in 9th grade), it did as well.  It inspired me to work so hard I was voted Math Student of the Year in my Junior HighThank you Mr. Andersen and Pedersen for bestowing me that honor.

Since then, I’ve stopped worrying about numbers, but people continue to do so.  I avoided for so long having to accumulate all this following data to show I’m actually making some impact.

Well, for the first time in many years, I found I generated personally (in my own profiles & properties — with many more millions [or more] in other properties generated; I’ll have to calculate that some day!):

  • over 35 million++ visits/sessions of impact via 17 years of digital (marketing)
  • Specifically, at this point (4/30/21), it includes:
    • ~27.7 million views on Quora
    • ~5 million YouTube views (w/ little time invested)
    • and ~3 million views blogging

And this doesn’t even include the over $600 mill+  I helped create in value for other clients, my parents and friends or the many I’m impacting daily through ClubHouse or LinkedIn or the many other socials and my many clients in auto, home & the many other verticals I attack daily.

Again, it’s not important to me, but for those who find it is important, enjoy.

p.s. This is what I do today:

…speaking of our future:

I Love our “Future Generations”

My podcast is a little proof.  Reach out, if you’re curious about the details.