My SEO Story

As I get older, I find the more transparent we are, the more likely we will connect with those who we really want to connect with.

The impetus

In 2004, I started my first business as a Realtor.  I hate sales, but my dotcom job at Expedia couldn’t keep up with my ex’s spending problem; as a result, my friend who was and currently is a realtor encouraged me to jump in to generate more income than I was making at the time.


So, I looked for every possible way of NOT selling people in buying or selling a home.  First thing I did was build a website and I was told by the provider that my website would be “search engine friendly.”  However, it didn’t seem to garner much search exposure despite the considerable amount of money I invested into the “search engine friendliness” from the company.  As a result, I started “googling” permutations that helped me learn what “SEO” was for the first time.  Eventually after surfing through hundreds of resources, I found SEOMoz (now  The posts were intuitive and the Seattle based company seemed like they knew what they were talking about.  I began learning from Rand Fishkin who was incredibly approachable.


At first, I had no clue what I was doing. I relied too much on the website provider called Z51 or something like that.  I remember it started with “Z”.  Despite not being able to learn the “magic” of how to make my site more visible through SEO, I ended up leveraging sites like a now defunct relocation site (titled HomeBuyersUSA or very similar).  In essence, I didn’t leverage SEO as much as I simply just leveraged the resources online — which ends up being the way you truly learn SEO.