Cool Apps: Automatic Pro

Just discovered…

While searching for the parent company of WordPress (Automattic – spelled with 2 “t’s”), I tripped over this app:

While I can’t say what Automatic Pro really is, it is described as:

Unlimited car monitoring, zero fees. The only connected car adapter with unlimited 3G included.

Even though the site says it’s “sold out,” here are the features for the “Lite” version of the app:

  • Trip logging
  • Business tagging
  • Business expensing apps
  • Engine light diagnostics
  • Fill-up logging
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • Web dashboard
  • Bluetooth® syncing

And for the “Pro” version of the product, you get these extra features (on top of the above):

  • Unlimited 3G syncing
  • Crash Alert
  • Parking tracking
  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Event-based apps (e.g. IFTTT)
  • Streaming apps

And while it’s not listed, I assume the Bluetooth® syncing?