Hacks to stay sane during the Coronavirus Epidemic (aka CoronApocalypse)

OK, some of you are going “stir crazy.”  I am.  That’s why I’m literally running every day around my neighborhood when normally, I wouldn’t be able to do 2-3 jogs a week.  I had to recently stop myself by taking a break so I don’t cough as bad as I have been lately — people probably think I have the virus! 🙂

So, I have 5 Coronavirus Tips for Staying Sane*

* 1 bonus one you’ll want to check out at the end!!

Watch amazing late night hosts & entertainers who are also going stir crazy

Soap-ersonic by Liam Gallagher (of Oasis fame)

The former Oasis frontman treated his followers to a series of kitchen sink re-workings of his old band’s songs, such as Soap-ersonic and Champagne Soap-ernova.

He really ought to wash his mouth out too, as most of them come with a language warning. That said, Wonderwash (above) is good clean fun.

Steve Martin Banjo Balm

Kevin Bacon stays home for his wife (pass it on)