Laconic: Sentence Examples, Definition & Synonyms

Sentence Examples for “Laconic”

Examples from the News for “Laconic”

Wish Trump was less moronic, and more laconic.

Source: New York Times, Apr 9, 2018

At one point during the meeting, Miller heavily criticized Tillerson, drawing a rare rebuke from the laconic secretary of state, who said he deserved respect.

Source: Washington Post May 23, 2018

Examples from Business for “Laconic”

The Intermediary Mr. yang, 60, is a laconic, deliverative man who appears to eschew the nouveau rich lifestyle embraced by many Chinese businesspeople

Source: New York Times, Aug 13, 2012

“Finally black”, was the laconic headline on a darkened front page, which like its British namesake is published in a salmon pink colour.

Source: The Guardian, Dec 7, 2012

Examples from Science and Medicine

That is one of the more verbose moments in Atkins’s elegant, laconic and consequently short book, The Creation.

Source: Nature, Jul 5, 2012

“I thought you would see that,” the squeaky laconic voice said, almost purring with approval for once.

Source: Scientific American, Jul 9, 2012

Definition of “Laconic”

brief and to the point; effectively cut short

Synonyms for “Laconic”

  • crisp
  • concise
  • curt
  • terse
  • brusque
  • pithy (definition: consisting of or abounding in pith; having substance and point; tersely cogent | definition of pith: the essential part : core; a usually continuous central strand of spongy tissue in the stems of most vascular plants that probably functions chiefly in storage)
  • breviloquent (definition: marked by the brevity of speech)
  • brief
  • compact
  • compendiary (definition: brief; obsolete definition: expeditious)
  • compendious
  • crisp
  • sententious (definition: given to or abounding in aphoristic expression | definition of aphorism: a concise statement of a principle)
  • short and sweet
  • succinct