Hacks to stay sane during the Coronavirus Epidemic (aka CoronApocalypse)

OK, some of you are going “stir crazy.”  I am.  That’s why I’m literally running every day around my neighborhood when normally, I wouldn’t be able to do 2-3 jogs a week.  I had to recently stop myself by taking a break so I don’t cough as bad as I have been lately — people probably think I have the virus! 🙂

So, I have 5 Coronavirus Tips for Staying Sane*

* 1 bonus one you’ll want to check out at the end!!

Watch amazing late night hosts & entertainers who are also going stir crazy

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The most famous victims of Corona/Covid-19

MOST Famous Celebrities who have Coronavirus

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the new coronavirus, making him the first elected leader of a major nation to be diagnosed with COVID-19. But he insisted Friday that he is working from home and remains in charge of the U.K.’s response to the outbreak.

    Johnson, 55, said he was tested Thursday on the advice of the chief medical officer after showing mild symptoms.

    Johnson is the highest-profile political leader to have contracted the virus, which has infected more than 500,000 people around the world.

    Johnson’s news follows the revelation Wednesday that Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, also has tested positive. The 71-year-old is showing mild symptoms and is self-isolating at a royal estate in Scotland.

    —Julie Hanson
  • Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus

    Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, has tested positive for the new coronavirus, his office said Wednesday.

    The 71-year-old is showing mild symptoms of COVID-19 and is self-isolating at a royal estate in Scotland, his Clarence House office said.

    His wife Camilla, 72, has tested negative.

    “The Prince of Wales has tested positive for coronavirus,’’ Clarence House said. “He has been displaying mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health and has been working from home throughout the last few days as usual.’’

    Britain’s Press Association, citing a source, said the prince and the duchess remained in good spirits, and that Charles was not bedridden.

    The tests were carried out by the National Health Service in Scotland.

    —Associated Press
  • Tom Hanks and wife

Best Websites & Resources for Coronavirus/Covid-19 Updates

Given the plethora of resources out there to keep people informed, we thought we would give you the best “map” of all the resources available


Corona Death & Case Counts

Top News Networks and Media Corona Virus Updates

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Coronavirus Cases by State and Specific Counties – Updated 3/29/2020

It’s been challenging finding where the specific places where corona cases are popping up.   Well, we have found a great resource that will help you learn if your county is affected by this pandemic.

Corona Virus USA Cases March 23 2020

Top 5 States by Corona Cases

New York53,363782
New Jersey11,124140

*Note: Louisiana has higher deaths than California and Michigan, but less cases (138 deaths and 3315 cases)

Covid-19 Cases by USA COUNTIES and STATES


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The Corona Virus Killers: South Korea


  • Korea used to be one of “the top countries infected with covid-19 cases” in the initial months of this pandemic
  • They IMMEDIATELY responded in extreme ways that controlled the virus like no other country which “flattened” the curve better than any other (many articles point to their success down below in the header “Articles highlighting Korea’s Pandemic Fighting Success“)

If you’ve been paying attention to the numbers for the recent pandemic, Korea, Italy and Iran (had in Korea’s case) had some of the worst statistics for Covid-19 after the initial outbreak started in China.  Unfortunately for Italy and even Iran, the cases still mark them as two of the worst hit countries from this virus to this day.  However, Korea has steadily fallen to the lower ranks for both cases and deaths and even better, deaths per million population.

Before you see the numbers in each country, check out what it costs to take care of one person in Korea for 19 days of hospital stay and to get them back to “healthy”:

Receipt of a recent recovered patient from Covid 19 in Korea

This would easily cost between $20-50,000 USD or more for that length of stay in the hospital & all the treatment in the United States.  Guess how much the patient paid?  Answer below. Continue reading “The Corona Virus Killers: South Korea”

500k+Dead: Daily Coronavirus Cases & Deaths Update


  • The world is NOT playing a joke on us here on April 1st!
  • The Coronavirus has surpassed 10 MILLION+ cases & 500k+ deaths globally
  • The United States now leads in the total # of cases and is fast rising as a leader in deaths: 128,857+ at last count
The world is on (corona) fire

In JUST 105+ days we already have:

10,451,961 cases & 509,187 deaths globally confirmed*** 

***as of 6/30/2020 Source

Before we jump into the daily changes in cases and death counts, check out this interesting new “Will coronavirus kill me? Calculator“.

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Jealousy and an inferiority complex are dominating my mind. I am a girl and I get upset when I see beautiful girls around many guys. Do many other girls feel like that?

Question from Quora – New Series where I share my answers I placed there and remove it from the unfair writing platform

(You’re) Completely normal.

While I’m not a girl, your question somehow landed at the top of my feed. Not sure why. However, if you were my daughter, I would tell you this:

All teens feel this

Other girls definitely feel that. So, do other boys — maybe even worse. Overall, it’s completely natural (as I’ve already said) to feel “inferior” especially given how much media are “in your face” literally every day, every hour and every second. If you’re like the millions, if not more than a billion teens throughout the world (looks like 1.2 billion), you’re just “coming into your own skin.”

If you’re a minority…

Not sure if you’re white (or another race), but if you’re in the minority, it’s possibly going to be even worse. Why? You see potentially the majority as “prettier” and you have less examples that look like you to be “more proud” or comfortable in your own skin. Continue reading “Jealousy and an inferiority complex are dominating my mind. I am a girl and I get upset when I see beautiful girls around many guys. Do many other girls feel like that?”

What are your favourite K-pop songs of 2020 so far?

Updated: 6/30/2020

I’ve been enjoying three less than upbeat songs lately with Taeyeon’s “Happy” being the most:

The first is this song from a surprisingly compelling Kdrama titled “Itaewon Class.”  The show wasn’t your typical Korean production.  It even captured some of the best ratings in recent memory — I’d argue a strong OST helps.

Taeyeon is finally coming into her own (imho).  And her latest song hits on every cylinder for me:

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Prostate Cancer Support Groups in Seattle and More

Last night, I had one of the most wonderful experiences with a lovely couple who I met a couple years before.  These two were not only so enjoyable to hang out with the time before, but they absolutely blew me away last night giving me some incredible advice about the husband’s prostate cancer — which I had not learned about on the previous visit.

However, I also had not been diagnosed with “nodules” on my own prostate until most recently after deciding I would get things “checked out” and get my health in order for the first time (possibly  in my life).  So, it wouldn’t have even made sense to bring up that topic until this most recent event.

These two were absolutely amazing.  They intently listened to everything and are as hip as you can be.  Continue reading “Prostate Cancer Support Groups in Seattle and More”

Challenging Vocabulary List by Dictionary.com

Before deleting these out of my inbox, I thought I would keep them all in a post in case I was ever wanting to go back and review some of these interesting and relatively tough words:

Strong vocabulary words from Dictionary.com


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