Scary CEO Stories Vol 1: A Story about a Chaebol CEO from my Coworker

Answering: Why are Korean people so scary?

on Quora, I remembered the following:

The following story hasn’t been proven, but my jaw dropped when hearing it.

Back in 2015, I worked for my second Test Prep center in Hong Kong. I started to befriend my fellow executive team member “P” (as I’ll call him). He was german young entrepreneur who graduated from Harvard. Like many, I gave him more credit than he deserved. Supposedly, his family did well in Real Estate and he was trying to replicate that success in the vertical on top of all the other activities he was pursuing.

He told me that he had spent time in Korea. I thought to myself, “Another teacher?” He said, “No, I leveraged my Harvard degree and was able to work under the CEO of Hyundai Capital.” or something like that. Regardless, one of our conversations related to the question. We spoke about the many crazy stories we could recall that showed Koreans were emotional or that the work environment in the peninsula country was truly intense.

Supposedly, he was sitting right outside the CEO of the conglomerate’s finance division. I think he was the the son of the original founder of Hyundai. He had a temper according to P. On that day, he remembered, the CMO had walked into the CEO’s office.

After a few minutes, the CEO started raising his voice. The CMO fought back. The voices continued to escalate and after a few more minutes, broken shards of glass started to fly towards P. Why? The CEO supposedly grabbed the CMO and threw him through the glass partition between P and the CEO. (again, this was only substantiated by P).

You would think that the CMO would have either called the police or the other staff members would have called an ambulance for his injuries.


After everyone turned their heads along with P’s jaw dropping as well, the CMO picked himself up, brushed off the shards from his suit and walked back to his office and continued working as usual. Everyone else in the office continued working as if nothing had happened.

Yup, a typical Korean day.

So, why are Koreans scary?

Well, if this story is true, I’d say this is one reason.

I think the story behind what the daughter of the Hanjin Group somewhat supports this phenomena. The children of these amazing conglomerates seem to have issues. There are many other stories I could share to prove it even with unsuccessful families.